How to Grill Catfish Fillets on a Cedar Plank

Angela LaFollette

Cedar planks add flavor to grilled catfish. Use wood planks when grilling fish to increase the flavor of the fish. It is essential to soak the wood planks in water to prevent them from catching on fire on the grill.

The wood will smolder on the grill, but it can potentially become a fire hazard if not prepared properly. Preparing catfish to grill on a cedar plank requires minimal preparation and cooking time.

  1. Find a clean one-inch piece of cedar. Ensure that the wood is untreated.

  2. Soak the cedar plank in water. Place the cedar plank in a sink filled with warm water, and allow the plank to soak for two hours.

  3. Brush the plank with vegetable oil. Only brush the side of the cedar that will contain the fish.

  4. Remove the skin from the catfish. Check for any remaining bones in the fish, and remove these as necessary. Run clean cold water over the catfish fillet, and pat the fish dry with a paper towel.

  5. Place the cedar plank on the grill over indirect heat. The indirect heat will prevent the cedar plank from catching on fire.

  6. Place the catfish on the cedar plank. Season the catfish with your favorite dry seasonings. Baste the fish with butter or lemon juice to keep it moist while it cooks.

  7. Close the lid of the grill. Grill the catfish for at least 30 minutes. Cook the fish until its internal temperature reads 135 degrees.

  8. Remove the cooking plank and the catfish from the grill. Use oven mitts because the grill and plank will be hot.

  9. Place the fish on a serving tray. Discard the cedar wood, or save it for scrap wood.

  10. Tip

    Keep a spray bottle of water by the grill. If the cedar wood catches fire, spray the wood with water.


    Watch the grill at all times. The cedar wood may catch fire.