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How to Use a BBQ Grillware Smoker

Jason Gordon

One of the most ancient forms of cooking meat, smoking not only enhances the flavor of barbecue, it preserves and tenderizes as well. A smoker is basically a container to hold in smoke and the meat. Traditionally done with hard woods such as oak and hickory, ribs, hams and briskets are all popular meats for the smoker. Follow the steps below for help using a BBQ Grillware Smoker.

Grillware Smoker
  1. Turn on the gas and light it up.

  2. Put soaked oak, hickory or your preferred wood chips in the smoker box or wrapped in aluminum foil on the grill's rock grate.

  3. Watch the temperature. For smoking, a low steady heat around 220 degrees is preferred.

  4. Place the meat in the smoker. Don't add any rubs or sauces until almost done---they might burn.

  5. Keep the smoker closed. To get the most flavor, there should be a thick stream of smoke surrounding the meat.

  6. Remove the smoked meat and serve. Cook time will depend on the type of meat and the cut. Check the resources for barbecue smoker recipes.