How to Troubleshoot the Powermax Security System

Patrick Nelson

Problems with the Visonic PowerMax usually fall into one of three areas: sensor trouble, transmitter trouble or system trouble. Conveniently, the Visonic PowerMax security systems have a trouble indicator.

“TRBL” will flash on the display, the trouble indicator will light up and the control box will beep three times every minute.

  1. Look at the screen and review the trouble information. The screen will either be alternating “Ready HH:MM” with “Ready TRBL"--this message means there’s trouble, but it’s not stopping the system from arming--or it will be alternating “Not Ready HH:MM” with “Not Ready TRBL,” which means the system can’t be armed.

  2. Click the “Show OK” button to review the trouble messages one-by-one. Press the “Show OK” button once and the first trouble message will be displayed. It could be something like “Z09 INACTIVE” alternating with “KITCHEN.” You can translate this to mean that the kitchen in Zone 9 is inactive.

  3. Click the “Show OK” button again and the next trouble message will appear. It might be “Z15 LOW BATTERY” alternating with “LIVING ROOM.” This message means that the living room in Zone 15 has a low battery.

  4. Keep clicking the “Show OK” button until there are no more trouble messages. The display will go back to the messages as shown in Step 1 when you have seen all the trouble messages.

  5. Clear the causes of trouble. In the case of a low-battery warning, change the battery at the sensor reporting the low battery. In this case the kitchen. The next transmission made back to the control panel will report a “BATTERY RESTORED” message and the low battery message will no longer show. In the case of the inactivity message, create some activity—open a long-closed window, for example, and this will be reported back to the system.

  6. Tip

    Trouble messages get cleared automatically when the trouble is corrected.