How to Change the Color of Appliances

Callie Barber

Making over your appliances with a fresh coat of paint is an affordable way to modernize and update your kitchen without breaking your budget. This inexpensive option will easily update a rusty old stove or refrigerator from years past. Update your appliances using bright colors like orange and red.

Paint more than one color on your appliance for an interesting design. Create a focal point in your kitchen with newly painted and bright appliances. Use colors from the existing kitchen palette to tie the room together and create a colorful and elegant kitchen.

  1. Remove and unplug the appliance from the wall, and place it in a well-ventilated area where air circulation is prevalent. Use an opened garage or backyard porch, both of which will help to ventilate the fumes from the paint.

  2. Tape the handles, knobs and other detailed areas to prevent the appliance paint from staining these areas. Use painter’s tape, which will adhere to the appliance without leaving a sticky residue when removed.

  3. Place a drop cloth underneath the appliance before applying the paint. This will prevent the paint from staining any nearby surfaces.

  4. Spray a rust treatment on the areas of the appliance that are beginning to decay. This will prevent the rust from spreading around the appliance and penetrating the fresh coat of paint. Allow to dry 2 hours before beginning the next step.

  5. Apply one coat of appliance primer spray paint to the entire appliance. Use heat-resistant primer paint for this project if you’re painting a stove or any appliance that generates heat.

  6. Use a spray-on application like spray paint, for a smoother finish and shorter drying time. For scratches and small nicks, use a small can of paint and a brush to touch up theses smaller spaces.

  7. Spray on the spray paint until you have covered the entire appliance. Use thin and even strokes when painting. Let dry 4 to 6 hours before repeating with another application. For darker colors, three coats might be necessary.

  8. Tip

    Always spray the paint evenly onto the surface to prevent drips down the appliance. Use a clean cloth to wipe away any drips that occur. Wear protective gloves while applying paint to prevent stains.


    Wear a protective mask when using spray paint in an area that is not properly ventilated.