How to Wash Under Armour

Ryan Maxwell

Under Armour is a company that offers a wide range of clothing, including a variety of compression gear designed to wick away moisture.

The company was founded by Kevin Plank, a former University of Maryland football player, who wanted a better alternative to having to change out of sweat-soaked T-shirts after football games. Due to the materials used to make Under Armor, namely those of nylon, polyester and spandex, there are certain guidelines to follow when it comes to washing.

  1. Place your Under Armour clothing into a pillowcase before loading it into the washing machine. The purpose of this is to reduce the chances of it getting caught or snagged on any zippers, Velcro or other sharp objects on the other articles of clothing in the washing machine.

  2. Set the washing machine on cold water, and set it to the gentle cycle. Don't use bleach or fabric softener.

  3. Place the clothing in the dryer, and tumble dry on the low heat setting. Don't use dryer sheets.

  4. Tip

    It's a good idea to either store your apparel in a drawer with similar clothing or hang it in a garment bag to avoid any risks of snagging.