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Loft Enclosure Ideas

Addie Mody
Table of Contents

One advantage of living in a loft is that you can use your creative skills to design the layout of a large open space. You get to decide how to enclose an area and what style and function it’s going to have. Here are some questions to think about when constructing an enclosure: How private do you want it to be?

What material matches the room--wood, fabric or bamboo? What style do you prefer--classy, artsy or professional?


A great idea offered by Better Homes & Gardens magazine suggests dividing a space using three ready-to-assemble, unfinished cabinet units with glass upper doors and plywood sheets. The plywood is used to replace flimsy cabinet backings with sturdier material. The backs can then serve as a hanging space for picture frames, bags or clothes. Two cabinets should be identical and the one in the middle should be turned around to face the opposite side, possibly as the bedroom space. Align the three cabinets and then paint the backings with a matching color.

Floor Lamps

Long rectangular floor lamps are creative, multifunctional room dividers when placed together in a line formation. The Orgel floor lamp sold by Ikea is a good option.


Consider using ceiling hooks or light curtain rods to hang your favorite fabric from the ceiling if the loft ceiling isn’t too elevated You can also divide the curtains into three separate parts and leave an inch space in between each one. This idea works well to divide the living room from the kitchen by placing the curtain right behind a sofa. You can also use dowel rods and rod holders on two separate walls to hang a curtain if the walls aren’t too far-off from each other. If privacy is not much of an issue, beaded curtains are an artistic option to create an enclosure. You can also make your own using clear fishing string and origami cranes.


If you want to go the traditional route for a loft enclosure, consider using a three-panel room divider. RoomDividerStore.com has a room divider with a design of the New York skyline at night with a view of the Empire State Building and Brooklyn Bridge. They also carry partitions made of bamboo and other materials.

Wooden Panel

If you’re willing to get down and dirty, you can also go to the hardware store and purchase a medium-sized wooden panel and a block of wood that would act as the supporting platform. On the block of wood, using a wood cutter, make a slit that is thick and long enough to support the wooden panel. Cover the panel with fabric, paint a design and/or add knobs or pockets to make it functional.