Air Coolers Vs. Air Conditioners

Charles Pearson

Air conditioners and air coolers are both perfectly viable tools for keeping the room temperature down. The best choice really depends on the climate where the evaporate cooler will be located and also the budget of the owner.

Both air conditioners and air coolers can effectively cool a room.


Remote controlled air conditioner removes humidity by drying ambient air

Air coolers use water to cool the room. A side effect of this is that the humidity of the room is increased by an air cooler. Air conditioners, on the other hand, remove humidity by drying ambient air.


Air coolers are more environmentally friendly by not using coolants

Air conditioners use coolants like Freon in order to cool the air. Environmentalists claim that coolants are harmful to the environment, so air coolers are more environmentally friendly by not using coolants.


Air conditioner located inside an enclosed area

Air coolers bring fresh air into the room and work best in open areas, while air conditioners circulate the air and work better in enclosed areas.


High efficiency air cooling unit located outside a house

Air conditioners make up 5% of energy bills. Air coolers use water, which has an automatic cooling effect, reducing electricity bills by as much as 75%.


Air conditioner located in an apartment and attached to a window which provides a large source of ventilation

Air coolers need a lot of water in order to function, while air conditioners need a lot of ventilation in order to function.