How to Decorate a Bedroom for a Drummer

Buffy Naillon

Drumming is a favorite form of self-expression for many people, and for those who've dedicated their life to the instrument, there's probably nothing more welcome than a space that's dedicated totally to drumming.

Decorating a room that would please a drummer is a mix of practical planning with lots of creative expression thrown in. Issues to keep in mind when decorating a bedroom for a drummer involve not only aesthetics, but also reducing the loud sounds the drummer will inevitably create.

Decorating a Room for a Drummer

  1. Paint the room the drummer's favorite color before adding anything else to the room, and then let the paint dry according to the instructions on the can.

  2. Paint a mural of your drummer's favorite band on the wall. This should be one of the focal points in the room. Because the practice area will already be a focal point in the room, it might be a good idea to paint this on another part of the wall such as by the bed or by the desk.

  3. Consider building an elevated platform which functions as a stage where the drummer can practice. It doesn't have to be very high. It can be slightly elevated with carpeting to absorb the sound and preferably in a corner of the room.

  4. Add sound proofing to the walls if the drummer plans on practicing regularly. Inexpensive egg crate foam absorbs sound and can be put up on the walls around the drummer's stage.

  5. Bring in shelves and storage cubbies to keep drum sticks, sheet music, stereo and headphones and music CDs next to the stage. If the drummer wants to practice drumming while playing along with his favorite band, everything will be within reach.

  6. Cut out the CD covers of all the drummer's favorite drummers and bands and put them in a framed collage to hang on the wall.

  7. Frame posters and pictures of the drummer's favorite drummers. Vintage posters from the '60s and '70s create an air of musical nostalgia, but certainly you are not limited to drummers only from that era.

  8. Collect old records and put them in frames with pictures of the artist. These can be made into visual displays on the walls, either as a collection of records or in groups that feature the posters or the collage.

  9. Hang a drum-themed novelty clock on the wall opposite from the practice area. This allows the drummer to keep track of his practice sessions.

  10. Bring accessories into the room that the drummer will appreciate like a mouse pad with a drumming theme or drum-related wallpaper for the desktop computer.

  11. Collect different drums from around the world and hang them up or store them on display shelves. Smart choices are African drums, aboriginal drums from Australia or bongo drums from Cuba. You can display these at various spots around the room or create a “world drum” corner.

  12. Tip

    The most important aspect of this room is that it encourages the drummer's love of music. It should inspire creativity.