The Best Method for Cleaning Door & Window Screens


When you have window and door screens, it is important to make sure that you clean them correctly. Screens can collect dirt and allergens. Keeping your window and door screens clean is essential to maintaining a wholesome atmosphere in your home.

Removable Cleaning

The best way to clean your screens is to remove them. If you can remove your door or window screens, do so. Find a flat place on your lawn or driveway and cover it with towels that you don't mind washing. Lay the screens down on top of the towels. In order to clean them, turn your hose on high pressure and simply spray the screens while they are lying down. Then, stand the screens up and prop them against a tree, a car, or the side of your house. Use the spray hose again to spray all of the dirt and grime off of the screens. Leave the screens to dry in the warm sun. If you need to dry them faster, you can put them in front of a fan. When the screens are completely dry, put them back on the windows and doors.

Non-removable Cleaning

If you can't remove the screens, you still need to clean them. First, open the windows wide so the screens are exposed to the air. From the inside of the house, use a squirt bottle to squirt water through the screens. Do this from the inside out, not the outside in. Clean any areas where you can see actual dirt and grime in this way. If there are large chunks of debris on the screen, you can wipe them off with a cloth.

Deep Cleaning

Clean grimy screens with a soft brush. Dip the brush in hot, soapy water to remove mud, dirt and insect residue, and especially for oily or greasy buildup. Be careful not to brush so hard that the screen stretches or detaches from its frame. A cleaning solution of three parts water to one part ammonia will also cut grease.

Use the brush dry for soft buildup from cotton or other fibers in the air. You can spot clean your screens using this method during the winter. A toothbrush can be used as a cleaning brush as well, and can get into corners better than other types of brushes.