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How to Repair a Scratched Enamel Oven

Daniel Ames

Whether it's using the cooktop portion of the oven, or if you're baking goodies for you and your family, the oven is a mainstay in family life. Under such heavy use, an oven is bound to show wear and tear. A common problem is scratches from kitchen utensils. If you have an enamel oven, scratches can be repaired.

Repairing scratched enamel
  1. Locate your owner's manual. Write down your model name and number. Check for touch-up paint that may have been included with the purchase of your oven. Contact the manufacturer if you do not have any touch up paint that was included at the time of your oven purchase. Give the manufacturer the relevant information regarding your oven.

  2. Determine if the manufacturer has a specific name of your enamel paint color. Find out if it is available locally or if you have to have it sent from the manufacturer. Buy the touch-up paint from a local supplier if it's available and the manufacturer won't send you a touch-up kit.

  3. Clean the scratched enamel with mild dishwater soap and warm water. Dry the soap and water off. Let the surface dry.

  4. Use extra fine sandpaper and lightly sand the scratched area. Be precise. Fold the sandpaper into a fine edge and use only as much of the sandpaper's surface area as needed. When you are done sanding, clean the scratched area again with soap and water. Let the area dry.

  5. Use a very finely pointed artist's brush, or a Q-tip, to apply the enamel touch-up paint. Apply as thinly as possible, don't try to obscure the scratch with the first coat. When you are finished with your first coat, let it dry. Check to see if the scratch is still visible. Repeat applications of the enamel touch-up paint until the scratch is invisible and the paint looks blended.

  6. Tip

    Wait at least 24 hours for the enamel paint to dry before you use the oven.


    Make sure your touch-up paint can withstand the high temperatures of the oven.