How to Clean Ink Off Suede

Suede is a type of luxury leather that has a napped finish and is very sensitive. It is a soft and pliable fabric with open pores and a thin, textured nature. These characteristics make suede very likely to get dirty and absorb liquids. Cleaning suede is a very delicate task.

Learn how to clean ink off suede.

However, if your suede clothes or furniture get ink stains, you may want to know how to solve the problem yourself, without seeking help from a professional cleaner.

  1. Wipe of the ink stain from the suede with a white cleaning cloth. This will work only if the stain is still fresh and wet. The sooner you start cleaning the stain, the better results you will get. Before you do each step, make sure that the affected area of suede completely dry.

  2. Blot the stain with a dry white cleaning cloth and cleaning stain remover. Since you cannot use water on suede, be sure to use an ink stain remover especially designed for dry cleaning. Ink stain removal kits can be bought in many stores and online.

  3. Tap the ink mark gently with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. Try to pick up and absorb as much ink from the stain. Be careful and don’t go too far over the edges of the spot. The key is to always use a new, clean cotton swab as soon as it gets ink stains.

  4. Rub the stain very carefully with a small piece of fine sandpaper. Do it slowly, in light, circular motions and try just a few wipes to see if the ink is coming out. If it isn’t, stop using the sandpaper and move on to using an ordinary rubber eraser that you use for paper. Gently rub the stain in circular motions.

  5. Apply a small amount of hair spray on the stain. If you see that the ink is dissolving, that means that it’s working. Quickly get clean cotton swabs and press them on the stain.

  6. Spray a little whiteboard cleaner or ink removal liquid, such as Goof Off, onto the stain. Dab the stained area with cotton swabs to absorb the liquid until no trace of stains can be seen. Let the suede dry completely.

  7. Tip

    Use a microfiber cloth or a soft towel to restore the nap of suede and to remove debris on the material.


    Never use water to wash suede clothes or furniture.