How to Troubleshoot a Hoover Agility

Kimberly Johnson

The Hoover SteamVac Agility is a carpet-cleaning device that operates on steam. It is a simple cleaner that requires only the addition of water and a mild carpet shampoo to operate.

It has a bendable handle for hard-to-reach spots, an upholstery brush for cleaning furniture and five spinning brushes to deep-clean carpets. If your Hoover SteamVac is not functioning correctly, take a few simple troubleshooting steps.

  1. Inspect the installation of the water tank if the cleaning solution will not come out of the machine. Press the large round button on the side of the machine and pull out on the handle at the upper back of the machine. Remove the water tank and then reinsert it to ensure that it is installed properly.

  2. Examine the nozzles for clogs if the cleaning solution does not dispense. Locate the compartment on the lower front of the vacuum and pull down on the tab to open it and reveal the nozzles. Wipe away any noticeable debris with a damp cloth. Replace the cover by tilting the vacuum back slightly and sliding the cover into the grooves along the bottom edge of the machine. Press in on the top of the cover to snap it into place.

  3. Empty the unit's recovery tank if the vacuum has low suction. Once the recovery tank fills up, an auto shutoff feature prevents additional water from entering it. Press the round button on the side of the machine and pull on the handle on the back. Grasp the latches on the base of the recovery tank and pull up on the tank to remove it from the unit. Empty the tank into a sink or tub and place it back on top of the machine. Lift the back cover up and press it against the machine to close it.

  4. Clean the brushes if they will not rotate. Brushes can become clogged with hair and carpet fibers that prevent the brushes from deep-cleaning. Tilt the machine back so that the handle is on the floor. Grasp the brushes with both hands and pull straight out to remove them. Remove any hair and carpet fibers with your fingers and then rise the brushes under hot water. Reattach the brushes by aligning the posts on the back of the brush with the holes in the vacuum and pushing in until you hear a click. You may need to turn the brush slightly to align the center post with the center hole on the machine.

  5. Remove clogs in the hose if the machine fails to suck up the water from the carpet. Locate the hose door just above the hose on the back of the unit and pull up on the tab to open it. Press in on the tabs at the base of the hose and pull the hose out of the machine. Look into the hose for any visible clogs and remove them. Running water through the hose can also dislodge clogs. Insert the hose back into the machine until you hear a click and then close the hose door.

  6. Warning

    Unplug the Hoover SteamVac cord from the electrical outlet before troubleshooting to prevent the risk of electrical shock.