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How to Troubleshoot a Rayne Water Conditioner

Vanessa Ryan

Rayne is a company that has been selling drinking water systems and water softeners since 1928. The Rayne product line has 60 authorized dealers across the U.S. and in Mexico. All Rayne products receive a Gold Seal by the Water Quality Association before being sent out to the market, letting the public know it was made with the highest of standards. If you do encounter a problem with a Rayne softener or conditioner, trying some troubleshooting tips may help you avoid a service call.

  1. Connect to a constant power source, replace the power cord or reconnect the meter cable if the unit fails to regenerate automatically.

  2. Reset the timer and check the battery to replace if necessary if the unit regenerates at the wrong times.

  3. Adjust the line pressure to 20 psi, clean the injector if it is plugged, inspect the brine line for air leaks and clean out the drain line if your unit is not using any salt.

  4. Remove the timer and replace it with a new one if the control cycles continuously.