How to Make Fake Homemade Tattoos

Maude Coffey

Tattoos performed in a professional tattoo shop are permanent and collectors are aware that the design will remain on their body for life. When a person enjoys the artwork of tattoos but is not interested in a life-long commitment, fake temporary tattoos made at home are an option.

Temporary tattoos allow the wearer to change the design on a daily basis and give the option of immediate removal with soap and water.

  1. Pick a type of tattoo design you would like for the fake body art. Draw a design or print a free tattoo design from the Internet. Choose the part of the body for the tattoo.

  2. Fill a jar with warm water. Cover a table with newspaper to avoid spills and to allow for easy cleanup. Place the jar of water next to the body paint and paintbrushes on a covered surface.

  3. Dip a paintbrush in the black body paint. Wipe the excess paint off the paintbrush before beginning the tattoo to avoid drips and to accomplish even lines. Outline the tattoo design on the body part in black body paint. For designs with a designated shape, like a circle or square, use a stencil for accuracy in the outline. Stencils in different shapes are available at local craft stores. Purchase stencils that are made of a material like vinyl so the stencil bends with the body part. Allow the black paint outline to dry.

  4. Rinse the paintbrush in the jar of water to remove the black paint. Paint inside the black outline of the tattoo design with the color of your choice. Add details around the tattoo design such as flowers, stars, dates or lettering. Use stencils for the added details, also. Allow the colors to dry.

  5. Dust baby powder over the fake tattoo to seal the tattoo from perspiration and prevent smearing. Rinse the paintbrush in the jar to remove the color paint and dry with a paper towel.

  6. Tip

    Shower before applying the fake tattoo to avoid the paint running or removing. Use the drawn or printed tattoo design for reference when painting the design.


    Only use paint specifically for body painting to avoid toxins entering the body.

    Do not use body paint in the eyes, nose or mouth.