How to Remove Salt Stains on Floor Tile With White Vinegar

Mel Frank

On a cold winter's day when snow or ice is on the road or sidewalk, salt is sprinkled to melt the icy surface, preventing slips, falls and car accidents. The salt also gets stuck on shoes, which then gets dragged onto your tile floors.

Remove salt stains from your tile floors with ease.

When the salt dries, it leaves a noticeably cloudy film that leaves a tile floor looking dirty. Luckily, the salt stains are easily removed with an inexpensive cleaning solution.

Cleaning Small Areas

  1. Saturate the edge of a cleaning cloth with pure white vinegar. The vinegar will dissolve the salt without harming the tile or grout.

  2. Rub the damp cloth over the salt stains until you've removed all stain residue.

  3. Rinse the cloth with fresh water, then wipe over the tile once more to remove any remaining salt or vinegar.

  4. Allow the flooring to air dry.

Cleaning the Whole Floor

  1. Fill a bucket with 1 gallon of water and 1 cup of white vinegar, for salt stains that are scattered across the entire floor.

  2. Dip a mop into the solution, wring out, and mop the floors as you normally would until all salt stains are removed.

  3. Allow the flooring to air dry.