Porch Floor Covering Ideas

The porch has become the new outside three-season room for families today. Many porches are equipped with TVs and easy chairs like traditional family rooms have.

Tiles for Your Porch Floor

Covering the floor of your porch will make the area more like an extension of the inside of your home and give you and your family extra living space for a good part of the year.

Rubber Tiles

rubber tile

Cover your porch with interlocking rubber tiles. They are waterproof, so if any moisture builds up on your porch floor, they will not be ruined. The tiles are made of thick rubber, which is very comfortable to walk and stand on because of their cushioning effect.

Rubber tiles are not slippery when wet, so they are a great safety feature for your porch. They come in all different colors and designs to match most any decor. The tiles are easy to install and can be laid over concrete or wood.

Indoor-Outdoor Carpeting

Indoor outdoor carpet

Indoor-outdoor carpeting is made to withstand the elements. The rugs come in area sizes or off rolls so you can install them wall-to-wall. The indoor-outdoor carpeting of today comes in some very ornate designs, which can make any porch feel like an outside extension of your home. Depending on the type and quality of carpet you choose, this can be one of the least expensive choices for a porch floor covering.

Paint as a Floor Covering

painted wood floor.

Using paint as a floor covering for your porch can be as decorative as a carpet when you use one of the faux painting techniques. This is the least expensive floor covering of them all, and it gives you many options.

Paint can cover cement or wood, and faux painting templates can be used to resemble any type of rock, stone, brick, tile or slate. A faux rug pattern is also sold in templates.

A special additive can be mixed into the paint to create a non-skid painted floor, which is a safety feature you may want to consider when using paint on the floor of any foot traffic area.

Another option when using paint on a porch floor is to paint the emblem of your favorite sports team, family crest or cartoon character in the center of the floor. This works well for the family who will be using the porch to hang out while watching their favorite shows and games on TV.