How to Apply Floor Leveling Compound

When laying a new floor take care to assure that regardless of the materials used the floor is set in a level plane. A tilted floor, or one with dips and rises in it is difficult to cover with flooring materials. It can also act as a tripping hazard if the change in level is great over a short distance.

Create perfectly level floors with the application of a floor leveling compound.

For small, incrementally uneven surfaces, apply a floor leveling compound. This compound fills in dips and covers rises in the floor as well as filling in low sloping areas to create a new and level floor surface atop the old.

  1. Remove any baseboard or trim around the edges of the floor using a prybar. Place the tip of the prybar beneath the molding where it’s secured to the wall with nails and lift the baseboard carefully from the wall. Set the boards aside for later replacement.

  2. Sweep away any dirt or debris on the floor then mop the floor with a cleaner compatible with the current floor materials.

  3. Brush a layer of epoxy adhesive across the surface of the floor to serve as a bonding agent between the leveling compound and the floor. Use a paintbrush to brush the thin layer of epoxy evenly onto the floor. Wait for the adhesive to dry. You want the adhesive to have just lost the wet look while retaining surface stickiness before applying the floor leveling compound.

  4. Use a drill equipped with a mixing hook attachment to mix the leveling compound in a bucket according to the manufacturer’s instructions. For best results, use a self-leveling compound that spreads across the surface, leveling itself in the process without the need for tooled finishing.

  5. Spread the floor leveling compound over the surface of the floor. As you pour the compound, use a squeegee to spread it evenly. Pour a 2-inch thick covering of the compound. Allow the compound to set for four hours.

  6. Pour additional layers of compound as needed, 2 inches at a time until you achieve the thickness desired, waiting four hours between each application. Wait an additional 48 hours after pouring the final layer for the compound to cure before using the floor.

  7. Tip

    Mixing the floor leveling compound with cold water extends the working time of the material so you can cover larger floors before the compound begins to set.