Proper Way to Hang Curtains

There are as many ways to hang curtains as there are styles of drapery. It is possible to hang curtains inside the window, outside the window, far above the window, extending from the window on one or both sides and even hanging them from the ceiling.

The proper way to hang curtains takes several steps.

Before you can hang the curtains, it is necessary to know the proper way to measure the window so that you can hang the curtains in the correct location and with the right techniques. This article outlines how to hang curtains using tested methods.

  1. Measure the length and width of the window, and the length of the top of the window to the floor for each window to which you want to add curtains. Write down these measurements.

  2. Purchase curtain rods that are at least 3 inches longer than your window measurement. This will allow the rod to hang over the window, and the window will get covered completely by the curtains.

  3. Purchase curtains where each curtain panel equals approximately the same width measurement as that of your window. If the panels are much smaller, use 4 panels per window rather than 2. Decide if you want the curtains to reach the floor or the bottom of the window, and purchase the length of curtain that most closely matches either measurement.

  4. Place the curtain brackets about 2 inches above the top of the window frame. Mark the placement of the brackets with a pencil. Use the step ladder to reach the top of the window, if necessary. Make sure both sides of the brackets are level with each other by measuring the distance between the window frame and the pencil mark. The distances should match exactly. For long windows, add a third bracket in the middle of the window.

  5. Line up the brackets around the pencil marks, and use the power screwdriver to screw the brackets into the wall.

  6. Thread the curtain panels over the curtain rod. Some curtains have two holes in them. Placing the rod through the top hole will make the top of the curtain flush with the top of the rod. Placing the rod through the second hole will make the curtain sit about 2 inches above the curtain rod.

  7. Pull back the curtains however you like. Mark the area where you want the curtains to rest when the window is open with a pencil. Screw the tie-back bracket into this mark on the wall. Repeat for the other side of the window.