How to Build a Hidden Door Bookcase

A room can become an unobtrusive hideaway by disguising the door to the closet so that it appears to be something else. You can build a hidden door bookcase that will fit over the entryway and will make anyone who doesn't know better think that there is no closet.

You need a bookcase kit from a home supplies store, power tools and hardware from a hardware store. Your hidden bookcase will be functional as a shelf for holding books while fulfilling its real purpose of hiding the closet from prying eyes.

  1. Place sheets of newspaper on the floor. Place the bookcase kit on the newspapers.

  2. Assemble the bookcase kit using the supplied directions and the hammer, nails, wood screws and electric screwdriver. Stand the bookcase upside-down on the newspaper.

  3. Put bonding glue into the center of the floor coasters. Place a floor coaster on each of the four edges on the bottom of the bookcase. Let the bonding glue set for a day. Stand the bookcase right-side up.

  4. Pull the top hinge with the pliers out of the door frame of the room that is to be hidden. Pull the bottom hinge out of the door frame with the pliers. Remove the door from the door frame. Put the door aside.

  5. Measure the width of the doorway with the tape measure.

  6. Place the number that is the width of the doorway divided by half on the back center of the bookcase at about chest level. Make a mark with the pencil.

  7. Measure 10 inches from the mark toward the left of the bookcase. Make a mark with the pencil. Measure 10 inches from the mark toward the right of the bookcase. Make a mark with the pencil.

  8. Place a sliding door handle vertically against the mark on the left side of the bookcase. Attach wood screws to the sliding door handle with the electric screwdriver. Repeat this procedure with the other sliding door handle and the mark on the right side of the bookcase.

  9. Place the bookcase in front of the doorway. Put books on the bookcase.

  10. Push the right side of the bookcase to the left to expose the doorway. Go into the hidden room. Grab hold of the sliding door handles on the back of the bookcase. Pull the bookcase back to the left to hide the doorway.

  11. Tip

    Hide the original closet door where it will be not be seen, since it is a dead giveaway that there is a hidden room.


    Renters can make the hidden door bookcase even though they do not own the property they live in. However, removing a door must be done carefully to avoid causing any damage.