How to Make Glitter Paint

Laila Alvarez

For children of any age, making glitter paint is a fun and creative project. Tempera paint is non-toxic (though, not edible) and can be used for finger-painting or to paint craft objects, such as pottery. Although it is easy to find glitter paint at craft stores, creating your own is fun and satisfactory.

Make your paint shimmer in just a few steps.

Glitter paint lasts a long time, as will your memories of making your very own.

  1. Cover a paper plate with foil. Stick the foil onto the top of the plate tightly, so that you can see the definition of the center circle of the paper plate through the foil.

  2. Pour liquid starch onto the paper plate. Pour enough to evenly cover the center circle of the plate, but don't pour it too thick.

  3. Sprinkle tempera powder (available at your local art and craft store) of any color onto the liquid starch.

  4. Stir the tempera powder and liquid starch together until they are evenly mixed.

  5. Sprinkle sea salt into the mixture as you keep stirring the mixture slowly so that the sea salt is evenly mixed. Sprinkle as much salt as you like to add the glittery effect to the paint, but don't add too much because it makes the paint too coarse.

  6. Add store-bought glitter to your paint to add more shimmer.