How to Paint Vinyl Flooring to Look Like Concrete

A simple, fast way to change your vinyl floors is to paint them. This is also an economical way to make a change in your floors. A popular look as of 2010 is a concrete floor. You can create this look easily with floor paint and sand. Only a few steps to prepare for the sand paint are required.

Make your vinyl floor look like concrete.
  1. Mix one cup of bleach in one gallon of warm water in a mop bucket. Spread the bleach water onto your floor with a wet mop, removing all wax. Let set for a few minutes. Dry the floor with a dry mop.

  2. Apply blue painter's tape to the bottom of cabinets, appliances and the bottom of the walls to protect them from the paint. Paint the acrylic primer onto the vinyl floor with a paint roller. Let the primer dry completely.

  3. Mix one cup of clean play sand into a gallon of medium-gray floor paint. Use a short matte paint roller to apply this mixture on the primer. Let the first coat dry. If you wish, apply a second coat of this sand paint. Let it dry overnight. Apply a matte sealer the next day, using a roller. Let this dry. Remove all the blue paint tape.

  4. Warning

    Paint with the windows open for ventilation.


  • Paint with the windows open for ventilation.