How to Clean Nonstick Cookie Sheets

Nonstick cookie sheets are meant to be a breeze to clean, since food should be easier to remove from nonstick cookware than from standard cookware. Handle nonstick cookie sheets with care when cleaning, however, to avoid damaging the coating on the sheets or warping the cookie sheets.

Clean nonstick cookie sheets with non-abrasive materials.

Utilize the appropriate products on the surface of the cookie sheet to prevent any damage to the cookie sheet.

  1. Wait for the nonstick cookie sheet to cool. Attempting to clean a cookie sheet while it is still warm could warp or otherwise damage the sheet beyond repair.

  2. Scrape the cookie sheet with a plastic or wooden food scraper in order to remove food particles from the sheet. Metal or other harsh scrapers will permanently damage the surface of the cookie sheet.

  3. Pour a few drops of a mild, bleach-free liquid dish soap onto a damp, non-abrasive sponge or cleaning pad.

  4. Scrub the nonstick cookie sheet gently with the sponge or pad. Scrub the sheet until you no longer see food particles on the cookie sheet. Rinse the detergent from the sheet with clean water.

  5. Wipe the cookie sheet with a soft cloth, or allow the cookie sheet to air dry.

  6. Tip

    Many nonstick cookie sheets are also dishwasher safe. Check the specific instructions that came with the cookie sheet to ensure that this is a safe option. Let the cookie sheet cool before placing it in the dishwasher. Soak the nonstick cookie sheet in warm to hot water before scraping the sheet if the stains are hard to remove.


    Do not soak the nonstick cookie sheet in soapy water, as doing so could transfer a soapy flavor onto the cookie sheet's coating.