How to Make a Glass Waterfall

Katherine Kally

Indoor waterfalls are focal points that can bring serenity to your home. You can make your own glass waterfall at a fraction of the cost required to purchase a ready-made unit. Stand the glass waterfall in a foyer, living area or sunroom for added ambiance and style.

Do not use glass waterfalls outside; changing temperatures can cause the glass to break. To make an exterior waterfall that looks like glass, use acrylic.

  1. Select a glass panel equal to the desired height and width of the waterfall. The glass should be at least 1 inch thick. Specialty glass stores have a wide selection of glass panels; they will cut the glass and finish the edges to your specification.

  2. Select two rectangular planters at least as wide as the glass panel. One planter is the reservoir for the waterfall and should be at least 10 inches deep. This planter can be made from any material. The second planter will fit at the top of the waterfall to hide the plastic tubing and to help brace the glass. Select a lightweight planter that is between 4 and 6 inches deep.

  3. Seal the drainage opening in the reservoir planter with silicone sealant. Attach four rubber stoppers across the top edge of one end of the glass panel with waterproof construction adhesive. Space the stoppers equally across the edge of the glass. Allow the sealant and the adhesive to dry.

  4. Place the reservoir planter against the desired waterfall wall. Stand the glass panel inside the planter with the rubber stoppers at the top. Rest the top of the glass against the wall. Brace the front of the glass panel with bricks inside the planter. Brace the planter against the wall with heavy objects until the top of the waterfall is secure.

  5. Invert the second planter on top of the glass panel. Mark the wall and the back of the planter for two wall brackets, one on each end. Remove the planter. Attach two wall brackets to the back of the planter. Attach the corresponding wall section of the brackets to the wall, inserting at least one wall bracket into a wall stud.

  6. Cover the top of each rubber stopper with waterproof construction adhesive. Fit the inverted planter on top of the glass to rest against the rubber stoppers. Attach the back of the planter to the wall brackets. Allow the adhesive to dry.

  7. Place the waterfall pump inside the reservoir planter. Cut plastic tubing to fit from the pump to the top of the glass waterfall. Attach the tubing to the pump spout. Run the tubing along the back side edge of the glass panel to the top edge. Fit the tubing between two rubber stoppers so the open end rests at the top edge. Tape the tubing in place with duct tape.

  8. Cover the bricks and waterfall pump with decorative stones. Fill the reservoir planter with water.