How Do I Clean Inside Brick Flooring?

Brick can create an attractive and durable surface on an interior floor. Not only will your inside brick floor stand up to hard wear, but it will provide a beautifully rustic flooring surface that can last for years.

Clean inside brick flooring to keep it attractive.

Keep your indoor brick flooring looking fresh and tidy by cleaning it regularly with an alkali-based cleaning solution. Proper cleaning can even remove muriatic acid, indicated by a white dust left on the surface during its installation. With minimal effort, your brick floor should stay beautiful for years.

  1. Mix 1 tbsp. of borax or washing soda with 1 gallon of warm water in the bucket.

  2. Dip the mop or the scrub brush into the bucket, and apply the cleaning solution to the brick floor. Wipe or scrub the floor, reapplying additional cleaning solution as necessary. Continue cleaning the floor with the mop or scrub brush until you finish the entire floor area.

  3. Rinse the brick floor with clear, warm water after washing it. Rinse out the mop or scrub brush to remove all cleaning solution. Then apply the water with the same mop or scrub brush until the water stays clear on the floor surface.

  4. Remove as much water from the floor as possible by wiping the surface with an absorbent cloth.

  5. Tip

    If you find a generous amount of white dust on the surface of the floor after you wash it, this indicates your brick flooring has muriatic acid left on the surface from the installation. Rinsing the floor with clear water after washing it will remove the muriatic acid and the white dust. Many brick floors will have a sealant placed over the top that will make it easier to clean and eliminate the muriatic acid problems. You can find washing soda in the detergent aisle of many stores.