How to Wash Snow Pants

Elton Dunn

If you live in the snow come wintertime, your snow pants will eventually become stained with dirt, oil, grease or other compounds that can break down the pants' water resistant quality.

Wash snow pants a few times a season.

While you don't need to wash snow pants after every outing, periodic washing can remove this residue, keeping your pants looking attractive and functioning at their best.

  1. Wait to launder your snow pants until they're dirty. Snow pants don't require excessive washing, but oil and dirt block the gear's water-repellent qualities.

  2. Place the snow pants in your washer with similar-colored items or by themselves. Turn the water temperature to cold.

  3. Add residue-free soap, which you can purchase at a snowboard and ski or sporting goods shop. This type of soap cleans your gear without breaking down its water-repellent qualities. You can use regular laundry soap, but risk breaking down the protective coating on your snow pants.

  4. Set the wash cycle to gentle. Wait for the washer to finish its cycle.

  5. Hang the snow pants to dry or place them in your dryer on tumble dry, low heat. This helps the snow pants dry without messing up their padding or shrinking the item.

  6. Tip

    Check your product care tags before laundering for any care suggestions. Spray the pants with a water-repellent spray after cleaning.