How to Control Rover Ants

Erin Ringwald

The rover ant, which looks similar to the little black ant, is primarily found in the Southeastern parts of the country. Outdoors, you find these ants on the ground, in rotting wood or on and under rocks. Indoors, they are common in damp places, such as bathrooms.

Rover ants look much like little black ants.

Like other ants, rover ants become a nuisance when they begin invading your living space. Treating the rover ants can be frustrating since they will respond well to ant treatments and then quickly reinvade. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to get rid of rover ants from your property.

  1. Cut back trees and bushes so they are not right against your house. You want at least a 12-inch clearance from plants to the side of your house. Ants will use plants to enter your home.

  2. Inspect the perimeter for any cracks or crevices. Rover ants are tiny and will use any structural crack to enter your home. If you find a crack or crevice, fill it with caulk, or contact a professional contractor to repair larger cracks.

  3. Repair leaky pipes and faucets. Since rover ants like moist, damp places, any leak can create the perfect living environment for these insects. If you cannot repair the plumbing yourself, hire a professional to do it for you.

  4. Clean up the food in your home. Like other ants, rover ants are looking for food for the colony when they enter your home. Sweep up food crumbs from the floor, as well as clean crumbs from counters and cabinets. Pick up pet food bowls when they are not in use. Keep foods well sealed in plastic storage containers. If the ants do not have a food source, they will not be interested in entering your home.

  5. Mix together equal parts water and white distilled vinegar. Apply the mixture to a rag and use it to wipe the surfaces you see the ants on. Ants use a scent trail to lead their colony to new locations. The water and vinegar mixture will help erase that scent trail, making it harder for them to find their way. Use this mixture to mop your floors or drizzle it around the exterior walls of your home.


Rover ants prefer sweet foods but they do need proteins as well.