How to Retrieve a Sock From the Lint Filter in My Dryer

Kaye Wagner

Socks can get sucked into a dryer’s lint filter. This not only leaves you with a mismatched sock, but it is a fire hazard, as the filter clogs with more lint. The clogged up filter prevents the dryer from drying clothes as efficiently as it should.

Check around the dryer to ensure the missing sock wasn't simply dropped.

Promptly remove a sock from the lint filter to ensure that it doesn’t damage the machine or cause a fire.

  1. Remove the lint filter.

  2. Clean off as much of the lint as possible. Brush the inside of the filter with the lint brush to remove as much if the lint from the filter as possible.

  3. Remove the sock using the brush if possible. Wedge the sock along one side of the filter and gently pull it toward the top by applying pressure along that wall. If the sock has fallen deeper into the hole, you will be unable to remove it with a brush.

  4. Turn on the vacuum and hold the hose attachment down the filter. Push the hose down the filter until it comes into contact with the sock. This removes excess lint and retrieves the sock. Do not use hose attachments as these may get stuck in the filter tube as well.

  5. Tip

    Socks only get sucked into your lint filter if there is a hole in the filter. Replace the filter cover as soon as you notice a hole.


    Do not use a vacuum to remove a very small sock that would get sucked into the vacuum.