How to Fix a Vertical Blind Stem & Gear

Dianne Christensen-Herman

Vertical blinds are an ideal way to outfit large spaces such as patio windows or sliding glass doors. With these blinds, they can malfunction just like anything else, but they can be fixed.

Repairing the worm gear and the stem, which attaches to the slats, can be done with a few household tools without consulting a professional. This will extend the life of your blinds without the expensive cost of replacing them.

  1. Replace the stem, which is between the stem and worm gear and attaches the two together if the slats are not opening.

  2. Firmly tug down on the metal beaded chain to align the slats into the open position.

  3. Grab the stem that attaches to the slats with a pair of needle-nose pliers by using a twisting motion. The stem should release after doing this.

  4. Pull out the worm gear that attaches to the track with a pair of needle-nose pliers.

  5. Install the new worm gear if the old one was worn out. Grab the gear at the tip with your fingers, with the teeth facing up, and push it firmly back into place.

  6. Attach the new stem by firmly pushing it into place from the bottom.

  7. Tip

    Contact a blind professional or the manufacturer to ensure you have the proper parts to mend the blinds.