How to Use Armstrong Floor Protectors

Robin Hewitt

Armstrong has been the worldwide leader in vinyl floor manufacturing for decades, and the company prides itself on the extensive warranties it gives on its flooring products. In order to maintain the integrity of your Armstrong floor warranty, it’s important that you properly protect the floor from damage.

Furniture feet can damage some types of flooring.

Because furniture is one of the biggest culprits in damaged flooring, Armstrong makes their own line of floor protectors designed to keep a piece of furniture that has wooden feet from marring a newly installed floor.

  1. Turn the piece of furniture on its back or side so that the bottoms of the furniture feet are accessible.

  2. Center the drill bit in the middle of the first furniture foot and drill a pilot hole 1/2 inch deep into the foot.

  3. Position one Armstrong Furniture Protector over the hole and screw it into place, using one hand to steady the protector and the other hand to hold the screwdriver.

  4. Peel one felt pad from the protective paper so that the adhesive backing is exposed.

  5. Apply the felt pad to the protector with the adhesive side attaching to the protector, centering the felt so that the base and screw of the protector is covered.

  6. Press the felt pad firmly into place.

  7. Repeat the process with the remaining furniture feet before standing the furniture upright.

  8. Tip

    Armstrong Floor Protectors come in the colors of oak, maple and brass. Replace the felt pads periodically when they begin to show signs of wear.


    Always use eye protection when using a drill.