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The Best Way to Keep Urinals From Smelling

Edmund Lukavics

Urinals can end up having a very unpleasant odor due simply to the nature of their use. In order to keep your urinal from reaching the point where it smells bad, it's important to practice proper maintenance and clean it using the correct materials and technique.

Cleaning a urinal is an important step in making sure it does not smell.

You can also exercise precautionary measures by deodorizing the urinal after every flush to avoid the return of the odor.

  1. Put on a pair of cleaning gloves to protect your hands from the chemicals in the cleaner.

  2. Squeeze a bottle of toilet bowl cleaner around the entire perimeter of the urinal, making sure the cleaner coats the inside of it.

  3. Scrub the cleaner into the urinal, using small circular motions with a scrub brush. Push the brush up to reach underneath any lips or crevices in the urinal.

  4. Press and hold down the flush handle of the urinal so that the water from the flushing mechanism washes away the toilet cleaner.

  5. Place a scented urinal block on the drain located in the inside of the urinal to help keep it deodorized.