How to Clean Rusty Muffin Tins

Heide Braley

Muffin tins are notorious for sitting in the back of the cabinet and quietly rusting. When the time comes to bake some fresh muffins, the rusty tin just doesn’t look like it ought to be used anymore in conjunction with food.

Before you throw it out, take a few minutes to see how bad the rust really is and if a light scrubbing will restore the surface enough for a few more years of use.

  1. Apply a light coating of naval jelly with a clean rag to the surface that is rusted and let it sit for a few minutes to dissolve the rust. Follow the directions from the manufacturer and wear rubber gloves to keep the jelly off your skin.

  2. Scrub the surface of the tin with fine steel wool (0000-grade) to remove any loose bits of rust or metal.

  3. Wash the tin in hot soapy water to remove the naval jelly, the rusty bits and any steel wool. Rinse with hot water and dry.

  4. Rub a coating of non-salted lard or other saturated fat over the tin to keep it from rusting again. Clean and grease after each use.