How to Make a Free-Standing Rug Loom

Free-standing looms are used to weave a variety of products from rugs to clothes. Manufactured free-standing rug looms are very expensive. Making your own rug loom will cost only a fraction of the price of a manufactured loom and can be made in less than 2 hours.

This loom makes rugs 28 inches wide; set up fewer warp strings for smaller rugs.
  1. Lay the two 4-foot boards on a table or flat surface and place the two 28 1/4-inch boards in between the 4-foot boards to make a rectangular frame.

  2. Attach the frame boards together with an L-bracket on each corner. Screw the bracket into place with the screw that came with the bracket. Pre-drill the screw holes if necessary. Do not let the screws go through the wood frame.

  3. Lay the frame flat so that the 4-foot boards are on their sides, and then measure 6 inches up the side of the frame. Mark the 6-inch point on both 4-foot boards. Attach a hinge on each 4-foot board at the location marked. Screw the hinges into the 1-foot boards so that the 1-foot boards will brace the frame and hold it upright.

  4. Measure the front of the top 28 1/4-inch board 1/8 inch from the end and mark the spot. Continue measuring from this spot and mark the board every 1 1/16 inch. Repeat this process for the bottom 28 1/4-inch board. Each marked board will now contain 26 marks.

  5. Drill lead holes into the board at each mark. Do not drill all the way through; a small lead hole about 1/4 inch deep is all that is needed. Screw a screw into each hole. Leave 1/4 inch of the screw exposed. These are the pegs for wrapping the warp.

  6. Tie one end of the twine around the screw placed 1/8 inch from the end of the frame at the bottom. Pull the twine up to the corresponding screw and tie it tight around the screw. The twine must be taut. Attach twine to the other screws in the same manner. When you are done you should have 26 wrap strings.

  7. Stand up the loom and extend the 1-foot boards. Rest the loom on the legs.