How to Remove Stickers From Doors

Kids love to slap stickers on everything, even things that shouldn't have stickers put on them. As many parents can attest, removing stickers often proves difficult. Unfortunately, kids aren't the only ones who put stickers on inappropriate surfaces.

The manufacturers of many household objects plaster stickers all over items they sell. If a child or an inconsiderate manufacturer left stickers on your door, removing them in a way that leaves a minimum of adhesive will reduce the clean-up you'll need to do.

  1. Turn a hair dryer onto its highest heat setting.

  2. Point the dryer at the sticker on the door. Blow the heat onto the sticker until you can begin to peel up the edge of the sticker, which will take one to two minutes, depending on the door temperature and material and the type of adhesive used on the sticker.

  3. Begin slowly peeling back the edge of the sticker. Point the heat at the intersection of the exposed glue and the door while you peel up the sticker.

  4. Continue gently tugging on the sticker and aiming the hair dryer until the sticker pulls free of the door.

  5. Wash the area with a damp rag, if necessary, to remove the rest of the adhesive.

  6. Tip

    Mineral spirits also remove stickers from doors, but leave behind a gooey smear of glue, and can strip paint from the door.