How to Make a Theater Room for My House

Create a cozy, bohemian-inspired movie theater by combining curtains, bean bag chairs, and white paint. It's perfect for budget-friendly date nights at home.

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, it's time to put date night plans in place with your special someone. To save time and money, consider creating your own at-home movie viewing space. The process is a simple and straightforward one using the instructions below, plus our unique suggestions allow you to skip the major home renovation that often comes with large-scale at-home movie theaters. This casual, bohemian-inspired nook is the perfect solution for a budget-friendly date night at home — this Valentine's Day holiday and all year long.

    Paint Walls Bright White

  1. Paint the walls a bright white color using interior paint, a paint brush, roller, paint tray, and drop cloth. This step allows you to skip the expense and storage of a traditional projector screen. The bright white walls make for clear projection and viewing.

  2. Hang a Pair of Curtain Panels on the Projection Wall

  3. Install an extra-wide curtain rod on the wall where you plan to project the picture using the instructions and hardware that come with the rod. Hang two curtain panels on the rod on either side of the area where you plan to project the picture. These decorative curtain panels can be closed to hide the blank white area on the wall when the projector is turned off.

  4. Mount a Shelf to the Wall

  5. Securely mount a wall shelf at waist level to hold your projector using a drill bit and an electric drill. Follow the specific instructions that come with your particular shelving unit.

  6. Warning

    Be sure to drill and secure the hardware directly into a wall stud using a stud finder to ensure proper strength. You'll also want to find a wall shelf specifically formulated for a projector. These will typically come with a tempered glass surface that can withstand both the weight and heat of a projector device.

    Place the Projector on the Wall-Mounted Shelf

  7. Place a digital projector in the center of the tempered glass surface of the wall shelf. You may need to do some adjusting of the projector in Step 10 when you're ready to view the picture up on the wall.

  8. Hide Cables with a Wall-Mounted Concealer

  9. Install a wall-mounted cord concealer in order to hide unsightly cables. If possible, choose a wall concealer that matches the color of your walls in order to make the system as inconspicuous as possible.

  10. Arrange Moveable Seating Near the Projection Wall

  11. Arrange cozy, moveable seating such as bean bag chairs near the wall you plan to use for movie viewing. When not watching movies, the lightweight bean bags can be tucked back against the wall to allow for everyday traffic and maneuverability.

  12. Layer Textiles for Comfort

  13. Add in throw blankets, pillows, and an ottoman for added comfort near the bean bags.

  14. Add a Side Table for Convenience

  15. Place a side table near your seating area to hold drinks and as a place to stow remotes used for the components and projector.

  16. Plug In the Projector and Components

  17. Plug your projector into a wall outlet using the cables that come with the device, and hook up your digital components. These digital components can be anything from an HDMI cable to a DVD player placed on the shelf under the projector to a plug-in Bluetooth streaming device.

  18. Turn On the Projector and Enjoy At-Home Movies

  19. Turn the projector on and adjust the picture and shelf accordingly so that the picture is straight on the wall between the open curtain panels. Use the instructions and manual that come with your projector and wall-mounted shelf to make specific adjustments as needed. Once you're all set up, you'll be able to enjoy movies anytime without having to make the trek out to the movie theater.