How to Hide an Ugly Breaker Box

Meg Butler

Circuit breakers are an essential part of the electrical wiring of your house. But that ugly metal box can do a lot to ruin the aesthetic of a room. Hiding it well takes a little bit of creative thinking. You can't move it and any attempt to camouflage it has to leave it accessible.

Hide that ugly box with a few quick fixes.

Some design options allow accessibility while keeping the breaker box out of sight or at least less noticeable.

  1. Paint the outside of the circuit breaker box. Choose the same color as the surrounding wall and the box will be much less noticeable. To ensure that the paint sticks, you must sand the surface of the metal first just enough to roughen the exterior. Then apply one coat of paint designed for use on metal, followed by a second once the first dries. Before you paint, tape a sheet of paper over the circuits inside the box (to be safe) and make sure not to paint the key hole.

  2. Hang a picture (or bulletin board) over the breaker box. To keep the door accessible, simply mount the picture onto the box with button magnets. These magnets can be found at most craft stores (look for the ones with peel-and-stick adhesive backing). Look for a small picture, just slightly larger than the box. Then adhere magnets to the back of the picture and stick it on. When you need to access the box, simply pull the picture off.

  3. Install a shallow cabinet with a hinged door over it. Medicine cabinets and shadowboxes are designed to be only a few inches deep. Remove the screws affixing the back panel of the cabinet (if present) then center and mount it over the shadow box according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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