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How to Remove the Light in a Shower Ceiling

Michael Davidson

It's no secret that water and electricity don't mix. As a result, you need to be careful when working with anything electrical in an environment that has a high level of moisture. A good example is working with lights in a bathroom since you could have a lot of humidity built up from the shower or bath.

Care should always be used when pulling a light from a shower ceiling.

You need the bathroom to be as dry as possible before removing lights from a shower ceiling and the electricity should be turned off.

  1. Turn the light off for the shower to make sure it is not getting electricity when you go to remove the bulb. Verify the light switch itself is turned off.

  2. Lay down a rubber mat on the floor of the shower to give yourself traction and prevent slipping.

  3. Place a step stool on top of the rubber mat if you are not tall enough to reach the light by yourself. The mat will also prevent the ladder from scratching the shower floor.

  4. Pry a putty knife between the light cover and the ceiling. The cover will pop off so you can set it aside.

  5. Unscrew the light from its base. If you can't get your fingers around the bulb, roll two small pieces of duck tape together and attach them to the center of the bulb to function as handles. Gripping the tape, twist the bulb out of its housing.

  6. Replace the bulb or just push the light cover back on if you don't need a light there anymore.