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How to Get More Light from a Ceiling Fan Light

Alex Smith

The lights on ceiling fans are fully integrated into the fan. They can be replaced, but a high degree of knowledge in electrical engineering is required for such a modification. If your ceiling fan light is too dim, you can brighten it by replacing the bulb and globe with versions that provide the most light. This easy solution will provide you with additional light with no technical knowledge needed.

Get the most out of your ceiling fan's light.
  1. Remove the globe covering the light bulb. This is often made of frosted glass, and is held in place with three or four screws. Loosen the screws while holding the globe until you can pull it away.

  2. Determine the maximum wattage the light socket can handle. This information is provided on a sticker attached to the light, or is printed on the light socket itself.

  3. Remove the light bulb.

  4. Screw in an A-Line halogen light bulb with clear glass. Use a bulb with the maximum wattage allowed by the fixture. Halogen bulbs give off 50 percent more light for the wattage than incandescent bulbs, so a 60-watt halogen bulb is as bright as a 90-watt incandescent one.

  5. Replace the frosted globe with one made of clear glass.