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How to Remove Creosote With Mothballs

Meg Butler

As wood burning stoves burn fuel, soot and creosote released from the wood collect on the interior of the stove and the exhaust pipe. As the buildup collects, you must clean it out to keep the exhaust clear and the stove burning cleanly. One way to delay this unpleasant job is with the help of mothballs.

Mothballs will help loosen creosote and soot.

The vapor released from the burning mothballs will loosen some of the creosote on the inside of the stove and pipes. However, it will only delay the buildup, not clear it away completely. You must still clean out the stove every few months it it's used daily.

  1. Add wood to the fire.

  2. Light the fire and make sure the flue is open.

  3. Add two to three mothballs onto the fire.

  4. Allow the fire to burn out.

  5. Repeat each time you use the wood stove.

  6. Tip

    Do not add mothballs to a fire if you are using it to cook food.