How to Wire a Baldor Electric Motor

James Stevens

Baldor produces a wide range of alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) electric motors in 26 plants world-wide. Each type of Baldor electric motor has labeled wiring diagrams on a plate fixed on the motor.

Refer to the installation manual to ensure correct wiring for your motor.

You need to refer to the individual plate for your particular electric motor when wiring it as wiring procedures may be different, particularly between AC and DC motors. Additionally, wiring installation instructions are contained in the user manual which can be viewed online or downloaded.

  1. Check the label fixed to the Baldor electric motor to determine the type and specific coding. Make a note of the details so you can view or download the installation manual.

  2. Go to the Baldor website; it’s listed in the Resources Section. Select “Products” on the top left side of the screen. Select your type of electric motor. For example, AC or DC then click “Overview” to display the motor types.

  3. Click on your specific type of Baldor motor. You get a list of the product codes. Click on the product code you made a note of earlier. A picture of your motor is displayed. Click on “View Operations Manual” to open a PDF document. Choose to read it online or print it.

  4. Check the wiring diagram located on the name plate on your Baldor electric motor. The wiring diagram may also be printed on the box.

  5. Wire the motor by following the connection diagram. Refer to the installation manual as necessary as it has a section entitled “Connection Diagrams.” Ensure you follow the guidelines carefully. If you get any difficulties, the manual lists all the Baldor offices and phone numbers so you can get assistance.