Do-it-Yourself Print on Mugs

When you order personalized coffee mugs from a printing company, you can end up spending a lot of money to have a professional graphic artist create the mugs. However, you can save money by printing onto ceramic mugs yourself using an enamel paint that can be baked right in a conventional oven.

For example, you can personalize ceramic coffee mugs by adding names or small designs such as flowers and hearts.

  1. Sponge ceramic enamel surface conditioner onto the ceramic mug over the area you want to add print. The ceramic enamel surface conditioner will prepare the ceramic to accept enamel paint and will prevent the paint from chipping or wearing off.

  2. Paint your design on the mug over the conditioner. Use stencils to make letters or simple graphics, if you're not comfortable painting freehand. Allow the paint to dry for 20 minutes.

  3. Place the mug upright onto a baking tray and place the tray into a cold oven.

  4. Turn the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit, and bake the mug for 10 minutes. Turn off the oven and let the mug cool inside the oven.

  5. Wash the mug by hand using dish soap to remove the conditioner.

  6. Tip

    Wash your printed mugs by hand instead of in the washing machine to preserve the printing.