How to Degrease a Fryer

Mason Howard

The wealth of possible homemade crispy foods, like French fries, fried chicken and fritters, make it well worth owning a deep fryer. Yet, deep fryers use oil and everyone knows the difficulties in cleaning grease and oil.

Keep fryers sanitary with a periodic thorough degreasing.

Removing the oil from a deep fryer often leaves behind buildups of gunk around the perimeter of the fryer and on the fry basket and regular dish soap often does not have the power to break down the gunk. Employ methods of degreasing that are powerful, yet non-toxic.

  1. Leave the fryer to cool until the oil is a warm, but non-scalding, temperature. If the oil becomes cold, it may become difficult to remove. Empty the oil, straining it through a metal strainer with a filter for reuse.

  2. Remove any residual oil, loose food particles and as much gunk as possible with dry paper towels.

  3. Fill the fryer with the fryer basket inside with a sudsy solution of hot water and dish soap. Turn on the fryer to bring the solution to a boil. Turn off the fryer after 5 minutes. Allow the fryer to cool and empty the soapy water.

  4. Fill the water with 1 part white vinegar and 9 parts hot water. Empty the fryer after 5 minutes and wipe away all loosened gunk with paper towels.

  5. Mix water bit-by-bit into baking soda until a peanut butter-like consistency is formed. Smear the paste onto any parts of the fryer that are still greasy. Allow the paste to sit for several minutes and scrub the fryer with a wet, non-abrasive scrub pad. Avoid abrasive scrubbers, as they may scratch the metal.

  6. Rinse the fryer and basket in warm water and pat them dry with a dish towel.