How To Create Chore Charts For Kids

Keeping your kids enthused about doing their chores seems nearly impossible, even with weekly incentives and allowances. This DIY chore chart might be just the thing your family needs. Instead of promises, reward your kids instantly with money right on the chart.

Money is attached to the chart as an incentive.

When a job is completed, the dollar is there for the taking. This chart is so simple to make, you’ll wonder why you ever bothered with a weekly allowance.

Materials You'll Need

Gather the materials.
  • A 14-by-18-inch or 16-by-20-inch frame with a wood backing
  • A piece of galvanized sheet metal (same size as the frame)
  • Medium grit sandpaper
  • Paint primer or gesso
  • Matte or eggshell indoor wall paint (color of your choice)
  • Paintbrush
  • White card stock
  • Inkjet or laser printer
  • Scissors
  • Decorative magnets

Note: Galvanized sheet metal can be found at the hardware store.

    Sand the Sheet Metal

    Sand the sheen off of the metal sheet.
  1. Begin by sanding the sheet metal just enough to get rid of the sheen. This piece was sanded for a total of five minutes. Sanding helps the paint stick to the surface of the metal.

  2. Prime the Sheet Metal

    Paint the sanded metal with primer.
  3. Next, paint one coat of primer over the surface of the sanded metal. Allow it to dry for two hours.

  4. Paint the Sheet Metal

    Paint two coats over the primed metal.
  5. With a paintbrush, apply two coats of paint over the primer, allowing at least one hour of dry time between coats.

  6. Assemble the Frame

    Insert the sheet metal into the frame.
  7. Remove the backing from the frame. Insert the painted sheet metal into the frame with the painted side facing out. Put the backing onto the frame. Allow the frame to dry for 24 hours before placing magnets, money and chore cards on it.

  8. Design Chore Cards on the Computer

    Make and print chore cards.
  9. Design a simple word banner and chore cards for your kids using a word processing software. Type your children's names and any instructions in the banner. If you have different aged children, an easy way to organize the chore cards is to color coordinate the font color with the child’s name. That way, you can also assign age-appropriate chores. Simply print the banner and cards onto card stock and cut out with scissors.

  10. Attach Money and Chore Cards to the Chart

    Attach money and chore cards to the chart.
  11. Attach the banner to the top of the chart with decorative magnets. Place money under each chore card and secure them on the chart with magnets. Hang the finished chore chart where kids will see it daily.