How to Repair a Scratch on a Glass Table

A glass top table adds a modern element to any room in the home. Unfortunately, glass is susceptible to scratch marks that occur with the daily use of a dining table or from collectibles that scratch an end table. Scratch marks fill with dirt and dust, leaving ugly, skinny tendrils on the glass surface.

Disguise a scratch on a glass table with clear nail polish.

To repair the scratches, you need to fill the marks so dirt cannot embed into the blemishes, marring your table top.

  1. Wipe dust and dirt from within the scratch with a damp cloth. Dig deep into the scratch to remove embedded dirt. Dry the area with a clean cloth.

  2. Apply clear nail polish to the scratch. Wipe off excess nail polish from the brush by wiping it against the top of the nail polish bottle. Start at one end of the scratch and slowly brush the nail polish into the blemish. Add more nail polish to the brush if needed to fill the scratch flush with the glass table top. Allow the nail polish to dry for 30 minutes.

  3. Place your index finger inside a clean cloth and wet the end of your finger with nail polish remover. Glide your finger slowly next to the scratch, removing excess nail polish from the glass table. Wipe on both sides of the scratch. Allow the glass top 24 hours to dry before cleaning.

  4. Spray a glass cleaner over the table top. Wipe it clean with a lint-free cloth.