What Are Some Unique Safety Topics for Presentations?

Many people know standard safety tips related to topics such as electricity and fire. While presentations on this type of information will always be valuable, it's also important to present unique safety information to schools, towns and so forth, to make them completely aware of their surroundings.

Teaching unique safety tips is important.

Poisons and Chemicals

Certain items found around many baby changing tables pose a danger. Shampoo, ointment, oil, powder and wipes can all have toxic substances in them. Make sure your child does not put any of these items in her mouth. Oven cleaners with nonmethane hydrocarbons can affect the air quality in your home within 90 minutes. Open up a window to let some fresh air circulate around the house when using such a product.


Most of us know now to go near hanging overhead power lines. However, if someone is struck while you are outdoors, do not go anywhere near them either. The electricity can easily transfer from them onto you. Some older houses, particularly those built before 2000, might have two slot electrical receptacles and three prong plugs in the wiring. These are considered to be dangerous, so have an electrician come to evaluate the situation and upgrade the system.

Internet Safety

Of course, we know to tell children not to talk to strangers or give out personal information. Apply the same caution to electronic communication by surfing the Internet with your child. See what sites they are going to and create a list of bookmarked sites they are allowed to visit. If they are chatting with buddies via chat rooms or email, ask where they met these people and what information they have provided about themselves.

Workplace Safety

Some people do not think of workplace safety as a category. Depending on the job, these tips can vary. For example, at a restaurant, it is important for workers to know floor safety refers not only to slips and falls, but also to dangerous clutter in the aisles and on the floor. At a job with a lot of electrical equipment, the focus of the presentation might be on concerns related to electrical safety.