How to Get the Musty Smell Out of Bottles

April Dowling

Many people drink out of bottles daily, especially during vigorous manual labor and exercising. While drinking water is essential, drinking out of unsanitary bottles is unhealthy. Musty smells and thin film within a bottle indicate the bottle is harboring mold.

Drinking from a moldy bottle can make you sick.

Mold is attracted to the damp, warm environment within bottles, where the spores multiply. Regularly cleaning and sanitizing bottles discourages mold spores and musty odors. Promptly get the musty smell out of bottles using basic supplies.

  1. Pour 1/4-tsp. of dish soap into the bottle. Fill the bottle halfway with hot water.

  2. Fasten the bottle’s lid tightly on the bottle’s opening. Shake the bottle vigorously to disperse the hot, soapy water around the bottle’s interior.

  3. Remove the bottle’s lid. Scrub the bottle’s interior surfaces with a dish sponge or brush to remove the moldy film.

  4. Rinse the bottle thoroughly with fresh water.

  5. Position the clean bottle upside down on a dishtowel. Let the bottle air-dry completely.

  6. Mix together 1 tsp. of chlorine bleach and 1 qt. of cool water in a bowl. Pour the solution into the bottle. Let the solution soak in the bottle overnight to kill remaining mold spores.

  7. Rinse the bottle thoroughly with fresh water.

  8. Position the sanitized bottle upside down on a clean dishtowel. Let the bottle thoroughly air-dry before using it.

  9. Tip

    Freeze the bottle when you’re not using it to prevent mold growth.