How to Clean Frog Legs

Many consider frog legs a delicacy. After the hunters brave the wetland elements to bring home this rare treat, it must be prepared. Cleaning frog legs involves separating them and removing the skin to expose the meat for boiling, pan frying or deep frying.

Frogs that aren't adopted as pets can become dinner.

The tools used to clean frog legs come from the kitchen and the garage. The chef can cook frog legs as desired, once the quick cleaning process is complete.

  1. Place the frog body on a cutting board and cut off the back legs with a butcher knife. Apply firm pressure on the knife to cut through the frog's backbone just above the pelvic girdle.

  2. Hold the pair of legs in one hand and slip a finger from your other hand under the skin around the upper legs. Clean frog legs by pinching the skin between your thumb and fingers and pulling it down toward the feet, as if removing a pair of hose.

  3. Grip the skin with needle nose pliers, once it gets to the knee joint, and pull forcefully down past the ankle joint. The skin often clings to the knees creating the need for pliers. Other times, cleaning frog legs by hand works just fine.

  4. Cut the feet off at the ankle joint with a butcher knife. Keep the meat on ice or refrigerated until you are ready to cook frog legs.

  5. Tip

    Cook the frog legs on a wooden skewer for ease of serving. Dip the frog legs into an egg batter or cornbread batter before pan frying or deep frying.