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How to Mount a Generac to a Concrete Pad

A Generac is a specific brand of gas-powered generator. They can be mounted to any type of surface; however, mounting them to concrete requires the least amount of materials and tools. Mount your Generac generator to any concrete slab that at least 12 inches longer and wider than the generator. You will need to drill into the concrete to bolt the generator down. If you have a generator that's over 900 pounds, you will need to follow specific moving instructions provided in the owner's manual.

Hammer drills are required for drilling into cement.
  1. Lay your generator mounting base over the cement pad you need to mount it to. Move the base at least 6 inches away from any edge of the pad. This will ensure the concrete doesn't crack.

  2. Draw a small dot in each of the holes that are on the mounting bracket and remove the bracket from the slap. Measure the diameter of the bolts that came with the bracket and drill a hole equaling that diameter where each of the dots is.

  3. Pound each bolt through the mounting bracket and into the holes that you drilled. Stop when they only have 1 inch more to go. Tighten each bolt using your wrench until it is snug. Do not over-turn the bolts, so they can be pulled out.

  4. Set the generator on the mounting base or slide it onto the mounting base. How you mount it depends on your model, and your owner's manual will provide information on which action to perform.

  5. Secure the Generac generator to the base using your wrench set and by following the instructions in the manual.

  6. Warning

    Check local codes and restrictions before making concrete pads for mounting your Generac generator.

    Always follow proper lifting procedures when moving heavy equipment.