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How to Install Metal Railings on Brick Steps

Cassandra Tribe

Installing metal railings on your brick steps is not only economical, but brings a kind of classic charm to your home. One of the advantages of a metal railing is that they come as one piece, the railing molded to the support posts so they are easy to work with. Attaching them to your brick steps is a simple process. You may need to borrow a hammer drill to get it done, but you probably already have most of the tools you'll need.

  1. Stand your metal railing in position on the steps. The railing will stand by itself as the support posts and anchor base is molded as a part of the whole, that said, use caution as it will fall over easily.

  2. Mark where the bolt holes in the base are on your brick steps using a permanent marker.

  3. Remove the railing. Drill the bolt holes using a hammer drill and concrete bit to the depth needed for your lag bolts. Find the depth needed by either looking on the package that the bolts came in or measuring the threaded sleeve on the bolt.

  4. Remove the threaded sleeves from the lag bolts. Using a hammer, gently tap the sleeve into the holes you drilled until the top of the sleeve is flush with the surface of the step.

  5. Stand the railing again. Insert one bolt in each of the anchor bases and start the bolt, just enough for them to grab the threads.

  6. Insert and start all the bolts in each base. Tighten all the bolts down in stages, moving from bolt to bolt and base to base. This will prevent the railing from being pulled out of line. When you are done, repeat these steps to attach the other railing to the opposite side if needed.