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How To Make a Retractable Scroll

Kara Bietz

If you or your children need a retractable scroll as a prop for a school play or skit, don't fret. You don't need a degree in mechanical engineering or fancy equipment and expensive tools to make one.

Add an authentic and humorous prop to a school play with a retractable scroll.

With just a few simple items you can find almost anywhere and about an hour or so to make some fun modifications you will have an authentic-looking retractable scroll that is perfect for the occasion.

  1. Remove the suction cups from the retractable window shade. A car window shade is the perfect size to create a scroll prop and can be modified easily to fit your needs.

  2. Spray-paint the handles of the retractable shade with the gold paint. You may need to sand the plastic handles of the shade in order to get the paint to adhere properly. Use the paintbrush to spread the paint evenly over the handles if necessary. Allow the paint to dry before handling the shade.

  3. Unroll the shade and secure it in an unrolled position. Spray the shade with the white paint, using the paintbrush to ensure that the paint spreads evenly over the whole shade.

  4. "Age" the scroll by adding a drop or two of brown paint to the white paint as it dries. Use the paintbrush to spread the darker paint evenly throughout the white paint. When the shade is dry, flip it over and repeat the painting and aging process on the other side.

  5. Use the scissors to create a wavy appearance on the sides of the scroll "paper" if you wish. You may also use a black permanent marker to write on the scroll. Calligraphy or another form of fancy writing will add an authentic look.