How to Stop a Blinking Standby Light

A standby light on an electronic device provides you with one of two possible types of alerts; the device is in Standby or Sleep Mode, or the device has a technical issue.

Depending on the design of the device, the way to tell the difference may be subtle or glaring: the light blinks in pattern, faster than normal, in a different color, with another light on the device or in a combination of any of these. The method used to stop a blinking standby light depends on the reason it is blinking and the design of the device.

  1. Take your device out of Standby Mode and then use it or turn it off completely. This is the simplest method to stop a blinking standby light. Taking the device out of Standby Mode typically involves pushing the “Power,” “On” or similar button, or a combination of buttons. You may also need to perform an operation with the device. For example, with a mobile phone, you may press a button or flip open the phone, tap a touch screen, answer an incoming call or press keys on the keypad.

  2. Refer to the owner’s manual for your electronic device to learn more about normal reasons that the standby light will blink. Sometimes a light will blink if accessories or supplies used with the device are low, incorrectly installed or working incorrectly. For example, printer manufacturers will use a standby lights in conjunction with other lights such as an “Ink,” “Toner” or “Paper” light. This combination alerts you when the printer is in Standby or Sleep Mode, and when supplies such as ink, toner or paper are low, or the paper has jammed inside the printer.

  3. Check any power or auxiliary device cable connections, the power supply and function of auxiliary devices such as the auxiliary device setup if applicable. Sometimes a poor cable connection, power supply issue or auxiliary device setup issue or malfunction will cause the standby light to blink. For example, a television standby light may blink if the power cord isn’t securely connected, you have an auxiliary device plugged into the TV incorrectly, you have the wrong device selected in the TV main menu or an attached device is malfunctioning.

  4. Go to the Troubleshooting section of your device owner’s manual, look for a section on warning or hardware malfunction standby light alerts and the issues that can cause these alerts and then troubleshoot and fix the problem as needed. For example, some televisions have a blinking standby alert that turns on after an electrical surge; or the light is blinking because it is malfunctioning. Stopping the blinking light may require can require that you interrupt the device power source by turning the device off or unplugging it for approximately five minutes to reboot it or contacting the device manufacturer for assistance.